mmatsuokaz requested: hunter x hunter edits?

"If you stay with him, you’ll end up killing him o n e  d a y.”
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Wanna buy some Snickers?

why do you do this

why do you not use tumblr for months and then suddenly log in and send me this

who are you even

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Source: Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Comic Anthology vol. 4

Artist: ぶんこ (Bunko)

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i just caught up reading the manga and

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officer i was not resisting arrest i was just being tsundere

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[D-61] scaredy-cat gin

shinpachi: gin-san, sorry i scared you.

gintoki: i don’t get it. why are you apologizing. scared? what’s that? tell me how that feels!

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Day 1314   - 23 July 2014

"Please take your time!" 

Barista!Kaneki doodles


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